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Our Family (2018) | Knitted wool 

Hyunha was grown up moving countries to countries, cities to cities with her family.  She went to London to study Art when she was 18. While she was in London alone, she found herself not 'belonged' to any certain cultural groups, and that hardly anyone could not understand her circumstance being a third-culture-kid. She was homesick, without knowing where actually was her real home.

During Christmas break, she visited Bangkok, where her Sister and Mother was staying. With her Dad coming from Korea, all four family members gathered together again in such a long time. This made her feel like home, even if the place she was staying was not her home. 

she realized that her 'home' did not have to be a certain 'place', but with certain members of people, her family.

This work represents this idea of family. Unfixed, flexible, and transportable.

Hyunha invites the viewers to re-think of their idea of 'home' and 'family'. 

Every Men is an Island (2018) |  Mixed Media (cardboard, paper, wax, metal, honey, corn syrup, rice syrup, and maple syrup 

파일-2019-03-11-오전-5.54.56- 8.jpg
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